MACK #83: Who Killed Nicole?

Hello Twitter World! This week I was putting together a Conspiracies, Unsolved Mysteries and Deep Dark Secrets show but! The conspiracy portion took me down a rabbit hole. So instead we decided just to focus on that this week.

Who Killed Nicole? is a documentary centered around Norm Pardo’s theory about what really happened the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered.

Norm met OJ in 1999 and — according to him — he managed or promoted him for twenty years. In that time and beyond he’s been piecing together and researching his very solid theory.

If you were at all interested in this whole case way back then I would definitely recommend renting this. We watched it on vimeo but it’s also available on amazon prime.

The information, when they give it, is pretty solid.

The problem with this documentary, however, is that it’s pretty badly put together. I love documentaries and will bend over backwards to give them a break as far as production etc because I’ve made and funded one myself and I know if I had more money it could have been better. This isn’t the case with Who Killed Nicole. There was enough money for a Red cam rental, and that footage looks great. It’s just so disjointed.

But again, the info and Norm’s theory are great.

In the end we don’t review the doc, so much as talk about the info in it. The imdb rating has it at a 5.6 and I can’t argue with that. Red cam stuff looks great, there’s an awesome white board with a timeline on it in the background. I’d have liked to see more of that. Maybe there needed to be a narrator track or something added.

I’m just sayin’.