MACK #56: Our Top 5 FAVORITE Movie Soundtracks

Hiyoooo! It’s that time again!

This episode we talk about each of our top five favorite movie soundtracks.

Now, mind you, I’m not nearly as clued in to music as our beloved Dave is. So, yeah, my choices can be a bit cheesy. Dave’s choices, OF COURSE, are way better. Such is life. I’m a cheese-ball music soundtrack lover and at least I admit it.

Dave’s top five really turns into a top six because somehow I managed to soundtrack shame him into changing one of his picks after he announced it. It is a rare moment in MACK history and I feel kinda bad about it, but don’t tell him. Honestly if he hadn’t shat all over my number one pick I probably wouldn’t have said anything at all about his.

Anywhoooooooo, I won’t spoil any of the fun by revealing each of our picks, you’ll have to just listen and find out.

Lots of fun and music within!

Also, Happy Thanksgiving good people!

Love and Gobble Gobble,