MACK #22: Our Top Five Scary Movies

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It’s October folks!

For me that means a full month of celebrating Hallowe’en! Well, I don’t really celebrate it, but I do dig the spooky decorations and the awesome costumes people come up with. And the motherfucking candy, y’all. Those little baby Hershey’s bar variety packs will always be my favorite. Don’t you dare touch my Special Darks and Krackels. You can have all of the mystery candy wrapped in colored wax paper though. You’re welcome.

Anywho, this week’s episode, in keeping with the Hallowe’en theme, is all about scary movies! We each pick five scary movies that have permanently damaged us in some way.

Spoiler alert! None of them are from this millennium.

So lock your doors, dim the lights, and listen along as we play trailers from and discuss some pretty damn scary movies!



The Sheckster

PS Here is the playlist including all of our official Top 5 picks trailers! (There are 9 trailers because there was one movie that we both had on our lists!)

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