MACK #68: Our Top 5 Favorite Black Music Artists

In this episode — and in honor of Black History Month — Dave and I dive into each of our Top Five Favorite Black Music Artists lists.

Dave has a real tough time with limiting his selection to just five. He came to the table with a very long list.¹ The truth of the matter is if we did our Top Ten lists, this show would most likely be four hours long. While I do love each and every one of you, I just can’t see myself putting together a four hour podcast.

While we are going over our Top Five Favorite Black Music Artists list it’s clear that Dave had nothing but funk on his mind. We really do love the funk here! We do wind up having one band that made it to both of our Top Fives. As usual, Dave shares what he knows about each band and I fill us in on what wikipedia has to say. And of course there is music, a lot of music.

If you also love the funk and have not yet heard our “Dave On Funk” podcast episode, I highly recommend it. Dave loves the funk more than just about everything and the whole episode is chock full of some of the best funk around. You can find that episode right >> HERE <<.

I, too, love the funk, but I also am a Jersey chick who grew up in the eighties. Feel free to boo me and my choices, I’m totally used to it.

In addition to our topic —

Dave talks about some other stuff, makes some things up entirely and at times is wildly inappropriate.

Also, since we are discussing funk, I’d like to suggest that you check out Bruce Caine’s podcast “For Funk’s Sake,” he has all of his episodes available on mixcloud, just click >>HERE<< to get to them.

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As always, thank you for tuning in! You are appreciated!




¹ Dave’s List:

Dave's list
Dave had a hard time picking just five music artists for this episode