MACK #93: Highest Grossing Horror Films WORLDWIDE

Heyooo and booooooo! It’s our second spooky-themed podcast for this October!

If you were around for the last time we did this, you may remember that once we started doing spooky stuff, we started having all sorts of technical glitches. Welp, it’s happened again. Garageband decided it could no longer see one of our microphones right as we sat down to record. The Halloween Goblins really like to mess with us here.

Anywhooo, this week’s episode is all about the Top Ten Highest Grossing Horror Films WORLDWIDE. Why the caps for “worldwide,” you ask? Well, because an international audience plays a huge part in some of these movies’ chart positions. A HUGE PART.

This list comes from Wikipedia, but don’t peek until after you’ve listened to the show, dagnabbit.

There are some movies that we are pretty shocked make it onto the list. Also movies that we are pretty shocked didn’t. Dave, of course, is chock full of opinions and fun facts which makes this episode even more fun.

So, sit back and relax, or get up and go with your earbuds. Whatever you want to do, really. Either way, enjoy listening to our take on the Top Ten Highest Grossing Horror Films WORLDWIDE.

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Finally, if you enjoy hearing Dave’s opinions, please do stop by our youtube channel and check out his reaction videos!

Thanks again for listening!