MACK #26: Dave Gone Wild

In October we had a month of pre-planned shows, theme shows if you will. This first episode of November we were going to cover a topic or two and just chat.

Except Dave can’t just chat. Almost every topic turns into utter madness pretty quick.

We cover a lot of topics and I mean a lot. Here is a partial list:

— Our last week’s episode and its abrupt ending
— The Ghost Adventures 4 hour Live Halloween Show
— Dave has been held up on more than one occasion in NYC
— George Duke
— Podcasts Dave listens to
— Chicken Hawk – The Nambla Documentary
— The Caravan that’s coming
— Racism/Being Called A Nazi
— Main Stream News
— The Awan Brothers
— That side of beef, HRC
— Leslie Jones and her gross naked selfies

So enjoy listening to us jump all over the place while Dave also does his best to drive me crazy and derail the show every few minutes.

Our life is like this all the time.

Thanks for tuning in!


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