MACK #5: Dave Plus Headlines

Episode Five is here!

You’d never know that we actually try to sit down the day before and figure out what we’re going to discuss during the show. Once those mics are turned on and I’ve hit the record button Dave can’t wait to go in a whole different direction. Wheeeeeeee!

This week’s topics are all over the place.

After a quick mention of Dad jokes Dave steers us toward novelty songs, eventually focusing on Dickie Goodman and Ray Stevens. From there we go on to country music and that slick-looking truck-driving guitar-playing Jerry Vale.

After a few other short topics (ADATs, XFL, Syracuse’s pronunciation and Greta Van Fleet) I bring up #davidandliza, the trending topic on twitter yesterday regarding an adorable youtuber couple that just announced their break up.  Dave’s reaction is exactly what you’d expect with a bonus conspiracy.

I make an executive decision and go over some of today’s headlines from the Drudge Report to get his hot take on them:
Rodman going to NK Summit, Teacher accepts bribes for grades, California Drought, MIT’s sociopathic AI.

And finally Dave talks about Roger Daltry’s new album.

Take a drink every time Dave says something inappropriate.


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