MACK #4: Roseanne Plus

Originally this episode was going to be about Unpopular Opinions, and I guess it still is, but we focus a lot on Roseanne and the swift judgement and knee jerk punishment she received for a tweeted joke that didn’t go over so well with a bunch of folks.

Other than Roseanne, we chat briefly about the new Gong Show. Also we focus on one of Dave’s unpopular opinions about a famous and beloved drummer. We follow that up with more music chat like “Chops Vs. Feel” and bands Dave has opened for. We shit on Phish.

We touch briefly on Whiplash (the drummer movie) and talk about other movies that we like that are about musicians. Surprise, surprise, Dave doesn’t like my picks. At all. [I can’t quit you Rex!]

Take a drink every time you think Dave is mad.

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