Woooo! Well here we all are, Episode 36!

Just about a month ago Netflix released a movie called Bird Box. It was everywhere for a hot second, it even had its own hashtag that seemed to be causing some hijinx out and about in the world.

I forced Dave to watch it. And then forced him to talk about it.

Hahahahahaha. It goes exactly as you’d expect it to for the most part, yet we do manage to spend some time talking about Michael Keaton too.

Also I see wordpress has forced me to use a new template for posting these shows when I had no desire to do so. That’s annoying as fuck to be quite honest. I don’t need wordpress telling me I have to use something I don’t want to use. This is the state of the world today. Spoon fed everything because apparently we’re all children who can’t do shit for ourselves.


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